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This fascinating book shows how Bournville grew from just 143 houses a century ago to the thriving suburb it is today...
In 1664, the fifteen-year old John Floyer matriculated at The Queen's College, Oxford, and embarked upon the study of medicine. Twelve yea..
This study attempts to give a comprehensive picture of political and social conditions in Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century with special regard to internation..
Friends Ambulance Unit Post-War Service and International Service 1946-1959...
Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby and later 1st Duke of Leeds, and Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, were two of the most signif..
A nonviolent campaign of the 1970s in Southern France against military expropriation of peasants' farmland...
The long-term effects of a refugee childhood of ten German-Jewish children who esacped the Nazi regime...
NEVILL, ANNE Queen of England: 1456-1485
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Written as a narrative from Anne's point of view this is the story of how she was destined from birth to be a puppet in the marriage market. She became the wife of both Henry VI and Richard III...
(University of York, Garmonsway Lecture 1979) Reflections after thirty years by the author of the definitive account...
The story of the International College at Sherborne...
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