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History - Natural

An account of an ornithological partnership spanning nearly 50 years and including very varied kinds of research in England, Trinidad, South and Central America and th..
Author's observations on life and nature over 40 years in a Suffolk house...
Essays from the New Earswick Bulletin Elisabeth and Ray Alley came to live in New Earswick in 1998, and soon began to play an active part in Village affairs, both on the local Parish Counci..
Many observations recorded by the acclaimed ornithologist. Beautifully illustrated by Robert Gillmor and Ian Wallace. ..
2009 marks the bicentenary of Darwin's birth and 150 years since he published "On the Origin of Species". The establishment of Bootham's Natural History Society (reput..
This small volume limited edition publication is presented as an appreciation of a little known but important figure in the natural history world. Jean Pierre Armand D..
The history and natural history of the small river which brought the Romans to York...
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