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A personal recollection of the author’s struggle and difficulties encountered whilst looking after her husband who suffered from this debi..
An account of the author's time as a jailed C.O. in Wandsworth and Wormwood Scrubs prison. Brock, Peter..
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An autobiography. The story of the author's life interwoven with a commentary on the history of our time. DAVID RUBIN..
A world without war has been the vision of utopians down the ages. In the early years of the First World War a young Serb, Dimitrije Mitrinovic, appeared..
The author's recollections of his 12,000-mile journey over the entire length of the American Continent. Includes colour photographs. SHAUN PINCHBE..
In memory of Keith Spalding (1913-2002). With contributions from friends, colleagues, and former ..
The Story of W.O. Arthur Briggs who had an interesting and varied career in the RAF during World War Two. ..
This is the story of the Burland family from a village near Leeds who, like millions of others between 1821 and 1871, emigrated from Britain to start a new life in the..
  This fascinating story, beginning in poverty and ending in fame, follows a..
The Life and Times of J.J. Hicks (1835-1916). Biography of the maker of the first clinical thermometer, and a wide range of other medical and meteorological instrument..
Keep A unique account by a young peasant, N. T. Iziumchenko, of what life was like for soldiers who fell foul of the tzarist military establishment...
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Disarmament advocate, Nobel prize winner, 'Fighter for Peace'. ..
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