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A selection of the writings and poems of Richard Allen.  ATKIN, PIP(Ed.) ..
Objections to oaths, to vaccinations, to religious teaching in schools, and to military service from the 17th century to the mid-1970s.  BRAITHWAITE, CONSTANCE B.Sc (Econ.), Ph.D. ..
A history of the three-in-one Quaker World Conferences. Published in association with Friends World Committee for Consultation...
In this book Roy Stephenson examines how Quakers can and do put their most deeply held principles, springing from their religious experiences, into pracice. Drawing from the depth of the religious tradition which first gave rise to George Fox's pionee..
A selection of his contributions to the Commentary column in The Friend over 20 years.  KOHLER, CHARLES ..
Humorous Quaker anecdotes (Third Impression 1974).William H SessionsWilliam Haughton Sessions wrote this book in 1952 and it continues to sell steadily on both sides of the Atlantic. William Sessions was born in York in 1878, his lifetime spanning the reigns from Victoria to Elizabeth. Only a few we..
The authors search for truth exploring his encounters with religious and political movements. Eric George Bartlett..
This collection of essays offers insights both into the nature of human rights and the radical thinking that informs them. The authors represent a diversity of perspectives that is rooted in a shared sense o..
A collection of writings by 14 Quakers describing their thoughts and experiences of other faiths, including Animism, Brahma Kumaris, Buddhism, Christianity and Quaker Practice, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.  Edited by Peter Jarman and..
Personal narrative of a spiritual journey.  SLATER, IAN ..
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