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York - General

Compiled and edited by Judith MacMillan. A pictorial record of drawings by the internationally famous York Quaker sculptor.  MACMILLAN, JUDITH ..
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A pictorial appraisal. by GEORGE PACE, FRIBA..
The blue & greu coat schools and St. Stephen's home of York, 1705-1983. A detailed history commissioned by the York Children's Trust.  TAYLOR, W.B..
Alphabetical listing from 12th to early 20th century craftsmen: with 15 illustrations. MURRAY, HUGH..
A wonderfully inscribed and illustrated guide to two villages with quaint names, somewhere near York. FIFE, MICHAEL G. illustrated by JONES, MARK W...
Illustrating daily life in the Rowntree Trust's garden village near York during the past 80 years (second impression). MURPHY, J. F. ..
Compiled from the original registers by JOHN MALDEN, M.Phil. (YORK), FMA. 16 pages text and 1,200 pages on 6 sheets microfiche, 4,600 names.  MALDEN, JOHN ..
SUTTON-ON-THE-FOREST: Two Thousand Years Of Change
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The detailed history of one of the prettiest villages between York and Helmsley, once the home of Laurence Sterne, author of Tristram Shandy.  MENNIM, DR. ELEANOR ..
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Quaker Innovators, in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  SESSIONS, W.K. & E.M. ..
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