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York - General

A fascinating and informative pocket sized book telling the story of a group of schoolchildren as they visit the many tourist sights in the ancient City of York. An ideal book for tourists (especially school parties) who want to learn something of the..
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From Alcuin to Lord Esher. Fifty-five accounts of York by commentators both illustrious and anonymous from the 8th century to the 1960's.  PALLISER, DAVID & MARY ..
An account of the City Waites, a band of musicians who for at least 400 years provided civic entertainment and ceremony.  MERRYWEATHER, JAMES ..
YORK SILVER 1475 - 1858: A permanent exhibition York Minster Undercroft
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This book is a short history of York silver, together with an illustrated catalogue of the William Lee Collection now on permanent loan in the Treasury, York Minster Undercroft. First published: 1981 Reprinted 2001..
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