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Experiment with Light is a movement within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) that aims at putting our lives under the guidance of the Light. It began in Britain in 1996 when Rex Ambler devis..
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Even more Quaker laughter by the son of the author of the first two 'Laughter' book above. Illustrated - includes a novel spelling quiz.  WILLIAM K. SESSIONS..
This anthology, in French, English and German throws a rare insight into the lives of Swiss Quakers. It includes the writings of such well known figures as Pierre Ceresole, Helene Monastier and Elisabeth Rotten, and also the thoughts and lives of less..
The man that Peter knew presents Mark's authentic close-up of Jesus without the air-brushings and exaggerations of all the later evangelists. An introduction refutes those 20th century scholars who claimed all gospels to be remote from original so..
This book is the culmination of the thought and inspiration gained from the author's long productive life spanning the greater part of the most extraordinary century in human history.  MARSDEN, LORNA M. ..
Excerpts from the writings and talks of Marjorie Sykes of India. Transcending tradition and breaking down the walls which divide people characterises all the late Marjorie Sykes' writings and talks as well as the spirit in which she always lived. ..
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