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Religious & Mediative - General

A Sojourn in the Occupied West Bank. Enlightening narrative about this troubled area. STURGESS, ROY..
This essay defends the thesis that Jesus is not a historical person, but a myth, a myth that continues to fascinate us: The incarnation of God in the suffering of the Messiah. It is intriguing to see that the story of J..
A citizenship project for 14 to 18 year old students including mediation and peace making skills based on ideas developed at the School for Peace in the Arab Jewish village Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al Shalom - Israel's 'Oasis of Peace'. edited by&nbs..
Discussion of the spiritual crisis and its relevance to the threat of ecological disaster. MARSDEN, LORNA M ..
One hundred Christian messages recorded for the York Christian Message Telephone Service between 1972 and 1976.  by OLIVE MARTIN and edited by SISTER JEAN OGLETHORPE..
A deeply moving and personal account of bereavement. WOODS, PETER..
Views on democracy and non-violence. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and often called the ‘Gandhi of Korea’, Ham wrote over twenty books in the Korean language...
An attempt to describe some of the researches of scholars into the evidence of the Gospels about the person and mission of Jesus.  BLACKBURN, RONALD ..
An alternative look at an enduring subject. DOROTHY MORTON..
A vivid picture of Jesus by John, who met and knew him.  CHIGNELL, MEG ..
A challenging read for people of all ages, cultures, religions and no religion. A must read for all people concerned about the future of humanity. In this small but important booklet the authors explor..
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