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An extensive biography of one of the outstanding organist/composers of his time (1903-1943)...
Erica Linton was of German-Jewish origin and writes about her grandfather’s house in Germany, near Breslau. After the town was lost to Poland it was renamed Wroclaw...
The adventurous fashion in which this activity proceeds contrasts vividly with the book's poignant conclusion. ..
The Life of William Sharpey. The Father of Modern Physiology in England. Illustrated...
The Life, Times and Continuing Influence of Dr Thomas Addis MD 1881-1949 Although principally a biography, this book covers a wide area with many sub-themes, in..
A journey of life, weaving aspects of the author's experience with that of other people, some of whom have never lived except in books...
The author's poignant story of how he escaped from the Nazis and carved out a successful career in England...
A much overdue biography of one of the important leaders in the second campaign of the liberation of slaves. Includes 10 illustrations. ..
The early Archbishop who shaped the future course of Christianity in Britain. ..
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